Who is Phil Warren:

I’m an engineer, an explorer, and an adventurer.  I photograph to connect with the people around me, and to prove that the world can be an exotic and exciting place.  My stories aren’t always believable, and I had initially fallen into photography as a way to bring my audience along me on my odd and exciting adventures.

Why have a site at all? 

Perhaps you’d like to hire me for a shoot-  for events, for product photography, for creating a unique image that you can’t necessarily find elsewhere!

Perhaps you’d like to learn.  I intend on collecting and documenting my knowledge.  I’m intensely academic, even in pursuit of artistry, and while there is no substitute for a good eye, I can give you the facts and figures that can help you feel a bit more comfortable behind the lens.

Perhaps you just want to check out some pretty pictures!

Regardless, welcome.  Take a load off.  Enjoy!